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Wisdom Speaks Radio

"Reaching the World with the Wisdom of God's Word."

Does not wisdom cry out? Does not understanding putteth forth her voice? Proverbs 8:1

Why Wisdom Speaks? was founded in October 2013 by Hope D. Blackwell. It is an extension of the media influence of Back to the Garden Ministries, Inc., Hope's non-profit ministry founded in 2003. Back to the Garden Ministries reaches the lost and equips the believer for the purposeful and victorious life available through our Lord, Jesus Christ. emerges as another platform to sound the voice of God's love, grace, and wisdom in these last and evil days. Wisdom Speaks Radio is rooted in Proverbs 8:1-11. We want to direct people to true wisdom which is only found in The Trinity, who is the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit. 

At Wisdom Speaks Radio, we seek to be an authentic and accurate voice that will help to edify, encourage, and empower God's people to walk in the victory and purpose obtained through new life in Jesus Christ.  

We hope that you will support this internet broadcast and grow with us as we expand through Kingdom partnerships with our local and global partners in our efforts to effectively minister to people of every gender, age, culture, and status. We want to help promote the gospel of Jesus Christ, so please feel free to send us your comments, suggestions, and requests. ask for your continued prayers and prays that you will stay "tuned in" to the ONE AND ONLY voice of wisdom, who is the Holy Spirit, who testifies of the Father and leads us into all truth!

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