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About Hope

The Woman

A mother of five and grandmother of three, Hope D. Blackwell is called and anointed by God to reach the lost and equip the believer for victorious and purposeful living. She accepted her call to Christian service in 1996. By the grace and election of God, Hope Blackwell established Back to the Garden Ministries in October 2003, which is a global para-church ministry, sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ, while empowering people to become spiritually, emotionally, and socially stable and productive members of their society. Hope has dedicated her life to fulfilling her holy call and purpose to reach the world, while spiritually, physically and financially assisting and strengthening leaders, men, women, and children in some of the most poverty stricken places. Hope has appeared on the KTN Television Network of Kenya which reaches over 7,000,000 viewers, as well as HOPE FM and TRUTH FM, two of East Africa’s most popular Christian radio networks.  With no barriers, Hope genuinely loves and serves people of all ages, cultures, status, and genders. In addition to being a woman of God and of prayer, she is an author of 5 books, (Back to the Garden The Man, The Purpose Back to the Garden The Woman, The Purpose, Back to the Garden The Marriage, The Purpose The Essentials of Effective Evangelism and The Purposed Woman, Transformational Truths for Purposeful Living). She continues to write and share messages of truth that help people experience wholeness and operate in their full potential as kingdom citizens. She has a unique and effective ministry to women, raising up Proverbs 31 women around the world that God may be glorified through their lives and creation roles.  Most recently, she founded the Internet Radio Network, Wisdom Speaks Radio, ( which reaches the world with the wisdom of God’s Word, through an array of unique quality Christian programs, prayer, appeals to salvation and music that ministers to people daily around the clock.

The Testimony

Although saved at 9 years old and raised in the church in a loving family, shortly after her baptism and confirmation Hope became a victim of molestation and sexual assault, which led her down a path of low self worth and physically and sexually abusive and destructive relationships. Becoming a teenage mother of three sons, a high school drop out, and feeling trapped in a physically and verbally abusive marriage; Hope often felt like giving up, even attempting suicide on several occasions. One day, in the midst of her greatest pain, discouragement and disappointment the Lord declared to Hope, "I have called you out to build the old wastes, raise up the former desolations, and repair the waste cities, the desolations of many generations.” (Isaiah 61:4 KJV) For nearly a decade hope faced many struggles, during which period she was attacked & raped and mothered two more children; a son who she bore in secret and put up for adoption at birth, and a year later a daughter. After years of healing, Hope loss the battle for her marriage, which left her devastated, once again, wondering what good would ever really come out of her life. Filled with great shame and hopelessness, she felt there was no way possible God could use her after losing yet another battle. The issues and consequences of the past haunted Hope and caused her to doubt God's plan for her life. Nevertheless, despite the enemy’s attempts to hi-jack the purposes of God for her life, God protected, healed, delivered and encouraged Hope as she began to pursue Him and develop a passion for His presence. Her struggles as a single parent were numerous, but her passion for God's will, desire for His wisdom, and love for her family and others took precedence over her own lack. 

     During times of fasting, prayer, training and study the Holy Spirit gave Hope deeper understanding of His Word, insight and revelation and she experienced tremendous growth. After accepting her calling to ministry, the Holy Ghost led Hope "back to the garden" to the early chapters of Genesis where He revealed many life changing truths that were a catalyst to her transformation and maturity.   

The Ministry

As God further developed and matured Hope He gave her wisdom, favor, and influence in her family, the community, and the church. In her service, Hope began to operate in her gifting to teach and empower people in low income communities to be free, stable, and productive members of society through a variety of self esteem, housing, employment, individual and group counseling programs and services which became a vehicle of ministry which touched multitudes of hurting and displaced, while God opened doors for sharing the gospel with people of all cultures, ages and status. 

    In 2003, God released Hope to birth Back to the Garden Ministries and publish the "Back to the Garden" messages, currently up to four books, which are transforming lives across the world. Also after many years of secret prayer and 40 days of fasting and consecration, God miraculously united Hope and her family with the son she put up for adoption years ago. By the Holy Spirit and grace of God, Hope lives a victorious and purposeful life in Christ, with a closely knit, loving and supportive family. Her life is one of faith, dedicated to sharing Christ, the Hope of Glory to all and letting people know regardless of one's past or present circumstances, God works ALL things together for the good of them who love Him and are called according to His purpose, reminding people that every thing satan intends to use for your greatest detriment, God intends to use as His greatest instrument. 

   It is Hope's greatest desire for people to experience the saving, healing, delivering and transforming power of God found through authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, leading to an accurate representation of Him in the earth, thus advancing the Kingdom of God until the glorious return of Christ. Hope remains a woman who walks in humility and is driven by the grace of God, His calling upon her life and her love for Him, His Word and His people.

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